Security Services

Time Control

Need to control what time of day your building can be accessed?

Fire Register

Do you need to know who is in the building in an emergency?

Keep it Simple

Do you need to be able to manage the system quickly and easily?

Full Training

You have a lovely new system, but how on earth do you use it?

Access control is a single part of a greater security requirement for many businesses. We have many other ways of helping you to secure your offices, homes, networks, PC’s and servers. Here are some of the other services we can offer you.

CCTV Systems
We have installed CCTV systems for some of the biggest companies around. Our expert team can provide the required cabling, recording equipment, cameras and accessories, for any size premises. From Youth Clubs, to Airports, Fire Stations to Universities, we are ready to help you pick the best system for the job.
Network Security
Let us help you secure your internal networks. Complete with the latest in anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall protection and infrastructure monitoring, we can ensure your system is monitored 24/7 and protected against any vulnerabilities. Our backup solutions further enhance this, providing piece of mind should you have any disasters.
Systems Integration
Everyone knows that accidents can, and do happen. We can help you integrate your Access Control and CCTV systems, into your Fire Alarm, and monitoring systems. Centralising your systems is key for many large corporations, and knowing you have full coverage of every corner of your operation, in its most vulnerable time is of critical importance. We can help you achieve this, providing access to the correct team of experts as and when you need them.

Why Choose Us

  • Qualified team of industry experts
  • Outsourcing the best of the best for even the most complicated projects
  • Over 20 years of experience in IT and Security systems
  • Ex-SIA qualified engineers who understand the security industry fully
  • Installers of the most trusted brands on the market

What Client’s Say

Our system was outdated and desperately needed upgrading, to help us secure our staff and our building. pacIT were able to help us achieve this, and the system they have installed has worked perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with the service they have provided us.


Director, PDS Contractors